Pool Leak Detection

A well built pool, spa, or water feature will remain watertight for a long time, yet sealants will gradually deteriorate and parts eventually wear out. It is important to recognize that pools can leak through any of the fittings or accessories, plumbing, or even through the interior tile and finish. While leak repair is important to save water, heat, and chemicals, it is also important to repair quickly to prevent undermining the pool’s structural framework, compromising the pool walls and pool deck stability.

Sacramento Pool Construction

Leak detection service for residential and commercial pools, spas, and fountains

The leak detection specialists of Pool Time Pools & Spa have the expertise and experience to locate difficult to detect leaks and eliminate their long term destructive consequences.

Our leak detection professionals thoroughly inspect pools, spas, and fountains of all types using the most advanced technology available today.  Our specialists know all the places leaks occur and the fastest ways to find and fix them.

Pool Time Pool & Spa is committed to ensuring that our client receive the best in value and service, and make every effort to prevent unnecessary expense.

Do you have a water leak?

While a certain amount of water loss is natural as a result of warm weather evaporation, splash-out and backwash, a noticeable amount of water loss in a day (2 inches or more of water loss per week) is a telltale indicator of a leak problem.

Common visible indicators of a water leak include:

  • water evident at pool and pump filter equipment
  • cracks in the pool decking — also deck sinking or lifting
  • cracks in the plumbing — soggy grass/ground adjacent to the water feature
  • fine cracks on the side of the water feature — common without old/outdated water features
  • pump won’t prime — typically a result of leaks inside suction side of pump or clogged baskets

Non-visible indicators of a leak may include:

  • failed suction/return lines
  • leaks in the main drain and return outlets
  • leaks around lights
  • leaks with skimmers

If you believe your pool, fountain, or spa has a leak please give us a call at (916) 638-7665 to schedule an appointment.