Lighting & Water Effects

We’ve included a few of the many great lighting and water effect options as examples of what’s possible. From waterfalls, bubblers, sheer descents, laminar jets, to LED lighting, fire pits and fire bowls, we have the expertise to add that something extra.

IntelliBrite LED Lighting

IntelliBrite LED Pool Lighting

Pool lighting is a great choice with new construction and renovations. We can install white lights, or upgrade your lights to include several different colors, all of which can be controlled by your pool’s computer system. Explore the dramatic effects that different light colors have on your pool or spa at night!

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Water Features

Parascope Telescoping Water Feature

Of the many great water feature options, we frequently recommend Parascope’s telescoping water features since they provide the calming sound of gentle waterfall in 4 fountain styles, and  Laminar Jets which  produce a clear arc of water as they gently enter any pool or spa.

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Paramount JetPacks

Paramount Jetpak

Paramount JetPaks are removable jetted seat backs that are engineered to deliver therapy options and comfort for concrete spas.  These interchangeable JetPaks deliver some of the most advanced spa fittings that until now were only available in portable spas. 

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Our contractors have the know-how and experience to ensure that your backyard oasis is truly memorable. We will assist you in choosing the right water feature or lighting option to ensure ease of use, safety, and longevity. Contact us at +1 916 638 7665 today!