Green Pool & Algae Treatment

When your pool’s chemicals are not balanced, even for a short period of time, it can cause algae to grow, which results in a green pool … and quickly become a breeding grown for mosquitoes. A proper cleaning will allow you to again enjoy your pool, and if caught soon enough will prevent permanent staining to the plaster and tile.

As part of our green pool cleanup service we can shock the pool, which is typically effective for minor algae problems — we then do the chemical testing to get them back in balance.  If your algae problem is more severe we will drain the pool and clean the surface properly with an acid wash. In addition we check and clean the filters and before refilling we thoroughly clean the pool’s interior.

If your pools been neglected for a long period of time, it may require more than a good cleaning. In this case we can restore the pool’s interior finish, or re-plaster where needed. Whether your pool has a minor algae problem or needs extensive repair, our experienced pool team has an affordable green pool solution for you.

Algae Treatment & Phosphate Removal

Our algae treatment and phosphate removal service keeps algae at bay with fewer chemicals, for a healthier swimming experience ($85.00).  We highly recommend this procedure for a safer and cleaner pool that looks amazing.

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