Katchaleaf Pool Leaf Covers

Designed with Ease and Efficiency in Mind

Fabricated from a special blend of lightweight, UV stabilized knitted polyethylene mesh, the Katchaleaf allows rainwater to drain through the cover while it keeps debris such as leaves, twigs, pine needles, and bugs out. The supple Katchaleaf cover can withstand winds, storms and will not crack with age. And, the lightweight Katchaleaf pool cover is the only cover on the market that can be fitted to your pools exact dimensions.

Katchaleaf Pool Cover
Katchaleaf Pool Cover
Katchaleaf Pool Cover

Simple Concept, Easy Cleaning

Unlike conventional pool covers, the Katchaleaf pool leaf cover leaves no standing water to pump off. Puddles cannot accumulate on the surface, so you won’t end up with a slimy, decomposing mess to attract mosquitoes. And, spring cleanup of the cover is fast and easy. Just vacuum out the fine silt and your Katchaleaf is ready for a new season.

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