Automatic Pool Covers

The All-Safe automated pool cover system allows you to cover and uncover your pool with a simple turn of a key. The strong, long lasting vinyl fabric cover creates a protection layer to keep your children and animals safe. In addition, the All-Safe custom formulated fabric helps retain heat and chemicals — cutting chemical costs and reducing heating bills, and seals out leaves and debris to reduce time and money spent on maintenance.

Automated Pool Cover Design

Retractable pool covers operate on a set of tracks that run parallel to each other for the length of your pool. Electric pool covers are best suited to simply-shaped pools with single level decking, though your pool shape can vary from rectangle to freeform as long as the tracks can still run parallel to each other. In addition, your pool needs to be level from end to end to accommodate the tracks.

If you are building a new pool, you can arrange for these tracks to be installed under the coping but the tracks for the cover must be mounted on the surface of the deck on existing pools. Therefore, adequate decking must be available to accommodate the tracks. In the case of new pool construction, all these factors can be considered during the design phase and the tracks can be mounted under the coping. Please communicate your desires to us before pool construction begins to ensure that your needs have been provided for.

This pool safety cover can be enclosed in a redwood bench when it is rolled up. These benches can provide an attractive storage solution for your cover. During the construction phase, an underground vault can be built to house the motor and cover.

This pool safety cover is also available in semi-automatic, manual, and snap-down versions. The semi-automatic cover is manually pulled closed and automatically opened. The manual cover is opened and closed without the use of a motor. The snap-down cover does not use tracks and is shaped to the contour of your pool. The material used for our covers does not allow water to pass through; this helps to reduce evaporation and helps maintain the temperature of the pool.

Assembled with the finest materials available and designed specifically for durability, All-Safe automatic pool covers represent state-of-the art pool safety cover technology. Every model exceeds industry-wide safety standards. No matter which system you choose, you can be assured that our pool safety covers will provide you years of trouble-free, easy operation.

Cost Estimation:

Automatic pool covers are more expensive than other types of safety pool covers and are not feasible in all applications. New top track/under track systems or replacement systems vary in pricing. New top track/under track systems will typically range from $5,000 to $10,000+. Replacement fabric for an existing automatic system can start at $1,500+. Cover size and features will determine final price; please contact us for current pricing and more information. If price is your number one concern, a pool safety net or pool fence will be less costly and more versatile.

Please contact us to learn more about the All-Safe pool covers features and pricing information.

All-Safe Automatic Pool Covers

Pool Cover Fabric:

  • Nylon fibers using “molten” vinyl process (not laminated)
  • Low shrink, non wicking fibers
  • Algae-free and chlorine, abrasion and fade resistant
  • Offered in a variety of fade-resistant colors

Motor and Drive Mechanism:

  • Waterproof submersible “smart motor” with bi-directional auto-stop
  • Watertight electrical cables with built-in electric torque limiter
  • Stainless-steel sealed double bearing pulleys
  • 413 die cast aluminum rope reel and non-corrosive 303 stainless-steel driveshaft

Rope Reels:

  • 413 die cast aluminum rope reel and zero maintenance, oil-impregnated brass bushings
  • Hard-coat anodized with architectural grade powder coating

Cover Tube and Tracks:

  • 6063 aircraft grade extruded aluminum cover tube
  • Hard-coat anodized inside and out with internal rib design for increased rigidity
  • 6063 aircraft grade extruded aluminum with hidden stainless-steel deck screws
Track Options

Deck Mounted Toptrack:
The deck-mounted toptrack option for safe pool covers fits almost any shape or size existing pool. A low-profile track is mounted on the deck of the pool. The mechanism retracts into an attractive redwood or vinyl enclosure, which also functions as a bench. Exceeds A.S.T.M. safety standards for safe pool covers.

Recessed Toptrack:
The recessed toptrack model of safe pool cover offered by All-Safe® fits both free-form and rectangular pools. A low-profile track is mounted on the deck and, when retracted, the safe pool cover disappears into a housing recessed below the deck. Accommodating both new and existing pools, the system exceeds the A.S.T.M. safety standards for a safe pool cover.

Recessed Undertrack:
Recessed undertrack automatic inground pool covers are designed for rectangular pools built to accommodate this system. The track is mounted inconspicuously under the pool’s coping and the mechanism is housed below the deck. When inground pool covers are open, the mechanism, track, and pool cover all but disappear.