Pool Remodeling & Renovation

At a certain point an older pool will need work done, and you’ll need a company that provides professional repair and remodeling services.  The services we provide often includes pool repairs, thorough cleaning, acid wash, plaster and tile resurfacing, and equipment upgrades. In addition, there are lots of modern features and enhancements, which include upgraded technology, water features, decking, safety fencing, lighting, heating, landscaping, and more.

Pool renovations help you change your pool experience by creating something special, which in turn improves its value.  Pool renovations come in all sizes and types, and are available for both residential and commercial pools and spas.


We service what we build and what others build.  We specialize in Pentair / Sta-Rite and also repair most other equipment as well. We are an authorized warranty repair center for many manufacturers.  Please give us a call if you need something attended to.

Is it time to do the Pool / Spa Renovation?
  • Maybe you have a green pond in the back yard with a sandpaper slide and sand filter with an old Arneson Pool Sweep and three big pumps running at one speed…high.
  • Maybe it’s not as bad as all that and you just have a few things to look at, we have the information for you when you want to upgrade or update your existing pool and spa.
  • Maybe you have a beautiful pool in the backyard but it just needs updating.
  • Maybe it’s time to drain the pool and remove that nasty old white plaster or vinyl or whatever you have and scrub and put in new skimmers and drains and lights, and maybe even tile and decking and replace it with a new finish…either a new plaster or maybe one of our StoneScapes pebble bottom type finishes.  And with our technology of the day, we do so many colors to match what you have.  Send for our remodeling team of Tristen and Lisa to analyze what you have and recommend what to do.

If the pool is really bad but you want a pool, maybe we just take all the concrete, plumbing, electrical, equipment, and replace it all. Maybe the pool is too small. Maybe it’s a bad shape.

Since you already got the pool drained, let’s look at some other items while it’s empty.

Tristen Traynor explains how a remodel works! Start to finish!

Video slideshow of one of our full pool remodels

Questions? We are pleased to answer any questions that you have.  You can reach us directly by phone at 916-638-7665.

Save with New Equipment

Maybe it’s time for new equipment like energy efficient pumps that can save huge amounts of money and even snag you a SMUD or PG&E rebate. A variable speed pump can run twice as long for half as fast and use 1/8 the power with the Sta-Rite IntelliPumps. They’re whisper quiet while at the same time they can really crank the water. And, they’re controlled from either the top of the pump or via WiFi and some other electronic gizmos which make the entire pool operative from your iPhone or PC or Mac or Android.

Why not change over to Salt Water Chlorine system? Now you just add table salt to the pool and no more added chlorine in the summer! In the winter we still need Chlorine. Summer…salt only.

Solar Heating? Great idea! We can get that installed and plumbed right into your new equipment. All fully automatic and controlled from your phone.  The Automation system will flip the switches and turn the dials and do all the hard work you used to have to do manually.  It will also control your new color LED lighting and waterfalls and streams and bubblers and KreepyKrauly Racer Cleaner with night LEDs.

Your iPad or Android or PC or Mac can keep the whole pool and spa automated and remotely controlled!

You need new concrete or tile to replace your existing deck? Great time to make a change! Would you like stamped or smooth? Choose a color. Tile? Another great idea! Tile on the deck and tile in the pool. It’s really all up to you.  Want to add steps or ledges to the pool while it’s empty? Add water features? Light features? Yep…It can be done. Do you want an automatic pool cover? Do you like fire work? We can do fire pots.