Paramount Ultra UV2 Sterilizer


Give your pool an additional layer of protection and sanitation beyond the capabilities of chlorine or salt-based chlorine generators. Water circulates through the Ultra UV2 chamber and the UV-C lamp immediately inactivates 99.9% of micro-organisms such as crypto, giardia and algae which are resistant to chlorine. This provides a cleaner, clearer swimming environment with zero harmful by-products. Plus, dramatically reduce the amount of chlorine needed to maintain an adequate level of residual sanitizer (a minimum residual level of chlorine or bromine should be maintained at all times). Paramount’s eco-friendly, Ultra UV2 – Ultraviolet pool system for clean, healthy water in new or existing pools.


  • Cleaner, healthier water with reduced eye and skin irritations
  • Inactivated 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungus, algae micro organisms
  • No harmful by-products so its’ safe, eco-friendly and family friendly
  • 2-year limited warranty and assembled in the USA
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use, in new or existing pools
  • Effective with single and multi-speed pool pumps
  • More effective than chlorine or salt based chlorine generators
  • Dramatically reduce chlorine demand by up to 50%, saving you money

The Paramount Ultra UV2 Sterilizer will save up to 50% on chemical demand each year!

There is minimal maintenance required, with no harmful by products — reduces eye and skin irritations. For indoor or outdoor use and new or existing pools.

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