Mesh Pool Covers

All-Safe pool covers are designed to provide safety and to keep leaves and debris from entering your pool. Pool covers are ideal for pool owners who use their pool infrequently or who wish to close the pool down after the swim season has passed. Pool covers also help to keep the pool clean and reduce maintenance expense while providing a secure barrier.

Designed for Durability and Safety

All-Safe safety pool covers utilize a mesh fabric that allows rainwater to pass through and feature double-stitched webbing, an easy-to-adjust stainless steel spring system, and non-corrosive brass anchors. The swimming pool cover material is fabricated to withstand the elements and will not dry or crack as it ages. Pool covers are held down with springs and anchors that are drilled into the pool deck. From simple to complex pools, you are assured of a properly designed swimming pool cover that fits perfectly every time. Free form designs, rock formations, waterfalls, raised walls, and elevation changes are handled with ease.

Benefits of the All-Safe Mesh Safety Pool Cover:

When mesh swimming pool covers are installed properly, children and pets cannot fall or slip into the pool. The tightly woven mesh in All-Safe swimming pool covers allows water to filter through while screening out leaves and debris, and minimizes the sunlight that passes through the pool cover, which in turn reduces warm weather algae growth in your swimming pool. For this reason a mesh pool cover is ideal for owners who close down their pool during the winter months.

All-Safe mesh pool covers can be custom-made to fit the exact shape of your pool, and this type of pool safety cover will easily support the weight of a child and two or three adults.

Is a Mesh Pool Cover Right for You?

We do not recommend a pool cover for those who use their pool frequently as removal and replacement of a pool cover will typically take about 20-30 minutes. Experience and two people working together will certainly reduce time and make the job much easier.

Typically this type of pool cover is used in areas where the winter months bring snow and force the closure of the swimming pool. A mesh pool cover is ideal for “winterizing” your pool. If safety is the main concern, a preferred choice would be the pool safety net; or if leaves and debris are not an issue, your best option may be a pool fence.

Mesh swimming pool safety covers are not ideally suited to pools with extensive rock or waterfall features. Although a mesh cover can often be installed on this type of pool, we do not recommend it. Another challenging situation for mesh swimming pool safety covers is a vanishing edge pool. For this type of pool we recommend pool fences or pool nets.

Please contact us to learn more about the All-Safe pool covers features and pricing information.

All-Safe Mesh Pool Cover

Materials & Dimensions:

  • Lightweight polypropylene mesh fabric
  • 34 x 22 per square inch thread count
  • Custom width, length and shape


  • 3×3 or 5×5 strap spacing
  • Double webbing across cover
  • 4,000 pounds per square inch tensile strength
  • Triple stitched bonded threads with “X” box stitch at all intersections
  • Machine crimped end cap made of anodized brass

Anchoring Hardware:

  • 1/4″ recessable threaded brass anchors spaced 3 to 5 feet apart
  • Heavy duty stainless steel springs with plastic cover
  • Cover anchors lay flush with the deck when not in use

Mesh Color Material:

All-Safe mesh pool cover is offered in the colors of Deep Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Designer Black, and Green Super Mesh.