Control Systems

Pentair’s automation systems empower pool owners with full control of their pool ecosystem from pool pumps, heating products, sanitizing, water chemistry, water features and lighting – with convenient mobile device control from anywhere in the world with the push of a button.

Pentair SunTouch Automation

The Pentair SunTouch is ideal if you only have a few functions to control. With the touch of a few buttons, the pump and heater can be programmed to run at specified times. The SunTouch is expandable, so you can add some additional features such as lights, an automatic cleaner or a solar heating system.

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Easy Touch Pool & Spa Control System

EasyTouch allows full control of all pool/spa features, including advanced features such as colored lighting and IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generator support. All EasyTouch systems include an easy-to-use control panel that’s built into the outdoor enclosure. And, these systems work with the Interface for full control via computer or mobile devices.

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Pentair IntelliTouch Home Automation System

IntelliTouch automation offers superior control systems from simplest to the most ambitious pool and spa designs, including water features and spectacular lighting effects. IntelliTouch systems offer innovative technology and a wide range of wireless and wired control panels that are easy to program with simple menus.

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Pentair SolarTouch Solar Control System

The SolarTouch Solar Control System offers full digital control for the most precise, efficient, swimming pool heating possible. The digital thermostat is set with the touch of a button and will monitor the temperature of your pool water and solar collectors.

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ScreenLogic II Wireless Adapter

The ScreenLogic2 Interface allows you to control the key functions of a pool or spa using the IntelliTouch and EasyTouch control systems, through controllers such as an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch mobile digital device, Android device and PC or Mac computers.

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