Paramount Venturi Skimmer


The Venturi Skimmer carries the latest in high-tech features and energy saving design to make this the ultimate pool skimmer! The Venturi Skimmer allows for twice the cleaning power over standard skimmers because it literally doubles the skimming action. Perfect for in-floor cleaning systems, it’s the best skimmer available for low flow variable speed or 2-speed pumps.


  • This skimmer doubles the cleaning power without increasing energy cost
  • Massive 9″ deep basket can hold 289 cubic inches of debris
  • Available for concrete, vinyl and fiber glass pools. Lids come in tan, white and grey
  • Weir door is spring-loaded for easy removal – no screws
  • NSF approved for 75 GPM – highest in the industry
  • Basket and vacuum plate lock into place instead of floating up when the pump is off

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An ordinary skimmer pulls water from the pool by way of the pump that pushes the water through the filter and back into the pool. The Waterway Renegade pulls as much water as the pump, doubling the skimming action without increasing energy costs. The basket for the Venturi-Action Skimmer is 9” deep, making our basket the largest in the industry for extra leaf and debris holding capacity.