Green Pool & PoolRX

When your pool’s chemicals are not balanced, even for a short period of time, it can cause algae to grow, which results in a green pool … and quickly become a breeding grown for mosquitoes. A proper cleaning will allow you to again enjoy your pool, and if caught soon enough will prevent permanent staining to the plaster and tile.

As part of our green pool cleanup service we can shock the pool, which is typically effective for minor algae problems — we then do the chemical testing to get them back in balance.  If your algae problem is more severe we will drain the pool and clean the surface properly with an acid wash. In addition we check and clean the filters and before refilling we thoroughly clean the pool’s interior.

If your pools been neglected for a long period of time, it may require more than a good cleaning. In this case we can restore the pool’s interior finish, or re-plaster where needed. Whether your pool has a minor algae problem or needs extensive repair, our experienced pool team has an affordable green pool solution for you.

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To prevent green pool we recommend PoolRX

PoolRx is a unique chelated mineral algaecide and chemical reducer that eliminates all algae. PoolRx is the ideal solution for all chlorine pools, salt pools and spas. Suitable for Residential and Commercial use, PoolRX saves you money and simplifies maintenance while improving the look and feel of your water.

PoolRx is effective for up to 6 months and a mineral booster can be added for longer seasons or extreme conditions. The PoolRx method is proven to save money and time, while solving a variety of problems.

Simplifies Pool Maintenance:

PoolRx minerals dissolve, creating a stable level in the water, killing algae and bacteria. This frees up low levels of chlorine or salt chlorine to be more active and available. There is a 50% Reduction in your chlorine or salt chlorine demand which eliminates the needs of harsh chemicals like phosphate removers, clarifiers, sodium bromide, etc.

PoolRX only requires 0.5-1.0ppm residual of chlorine or salt chlorine in the water to be completely effective, so less chlorine is needed to reach your desired ppm.

Reduces Energy and Prolongs Equipment Life:

With the PoolRx method you only need to turn water over once in 24 hours, saving you money on your monthly electricity bill; which in turn puts less wear and tear on circulation pumps. With PoolRX you can also turn down Salt Generator by 50%, reducing the acid needed for water balancing. And since the minerals use include a natural de-scaler the there is less build up on surfaces and equipment.

Improved Water Quality:

PoolRx minerals work with a very low chlorine or salt chlorine residual, with no other needs for specialty chemicals. No Algae with less chemicals provides clean, clear, healthy water — works even better than a salt pool. Better for your eyes, skin, hair, and lungs compared to high levels of chlorine and other harsh chemicals; like phosphate removers, clarifiers, sodium bromide, etc. With PoolRx your water will look and feel like never before. In addition, your water will require less frequent “drain/refills” of the pool.

Why PoolRX?
  • Proven worldwide since 1994 – It really works!
  • Effective – ideal for any size body of water / pool or spa /salt or chlorine / residential or commercial
  • Easy to use – drop in skimmer or pump basket / lasts up to six months / add booster if needed
  • Beneficial to Bathers – provides clean, clear healthy water with less chemicals
  • Eco-Friendly – using less chemicals / less energy / less water / increasing lifespan of surfaces and equipment
  • Cost Effective – saving you money / time / effort

To learn more about PoolRX we encourage you to visit the manufacturer’s website: https://poolrx.com/how-does-it-work-2/